Friday, 11 October 2013

Poem Hunting - Falkland - 11/10/13

(a poem hunt with my mum!)

Paths laden with possibility,
Hidden trail - leading where?!!
To deer and to mystery
Travel on fox-feet
So many secrets here all around...
Trampling through fallen leaves
Acorns awaiting their destiny
Where are we going? Where have we been?
Over stumps and bracken,
Into mystery of mind.
Crunch, crunch, crunch,
go our footsteps,
In search of skeletons.
Burrow - hidden secrets inside
Dry riverbeds reveal mushrooms
Peer deeply to see
Blocked paths - which way to go?
We follow our instincts
to find our way.

(c) 2013

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Time Marches On

Too often we are swept along,
Impulse driven, with little plan.
Mapless explorations yield few discernible discoveries;
Effort becomes a course well worth plotting.

Make the tiniest details a mindful measure of hours,
Awareness of place will anchor the days
Rambling explorations bring weeks to a meaningful crawl
Contemplate months without limits,
Hold seasons in the palm of your hand,
Emblazon wonder on every page of your journal,
See years fill the most weighty of tomes.

Overlap your decades with the decades of others,
Narrate your stories of a life well lived.

(c) Caren Gilbert

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Superhero Me

Surging with power, I exist
Untouched by fear or angst
Purposeful in every action
Epic journeys my daily routine
Realisation of all dreams an effortless feat
Healing and creativity, my secret weapons
Every step would lead only to greatness
Rebellion and empowerment my lasting legacy
'Occupy everything' my battle call

My nemeses would be easily obliterated
Each time I wear my hero's cape

(c) Caren Gilbert

Thursday, 19 September 2013

A Hero's Quest

Adventure into all that is unknown

Head into the forest of forbidden whys
Explore with playful curiosity
Retreat into the answers to be found
Observe nature until it speaks clearly
Stillness the only motion on this path

Quieten the drums in body and mind
Unknow all the things previously known
Explore with the wisest of unknowing
Silence the demons with brave heart
Travel until you hear your song

(c) Caren Gilbert

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Secret Lighthouse

Tidal depths call your name, over and over
Hope the only anchor in this storm of overwhelm
Each day brings waves of uncertainty, crashing anew

Shadows lurk in light and dark alike
Emptiness the only bounty of a solitary quest
Confidence ebbs low on hidden shores
Reassurance slips by in the shallows,
Effortlessly avoiding the seeker's cast
Time is needed to reflect in mirror-like stillness

Let silence be the sound which guides,
Intuition a beacon to illuminate the way
Gather your weariness and stride forth
Head always in the direction of your dreams,
Taking only the burdens you can carry
Hold fast when ill winds threaten to sway you
Open heart and mind to the bravest adventure
Unpack your troubles one by one, and stow them away
Sanctuary awaits all who journey
Every welcome arrival, a triumphant retreat

(c) Caren Gilbert

Let All Things Flow

Like fish, we swim in the stream of nature's laws,
Each day a reminder of the need for change.
The path we tread twists and turns to its own rhythm,

Agility of spirit is a skill for survival in this realm.
Lost and found will be neatly balanced in the final analysis,
Let truths spill freely from wounds of heart and mind.

Trust in letting go, in walking away, let release be.
Hope is the thing with feathers, not for clutching, but born to soar.
In the darkest hour, shine a light in the place where you cling, and believe;
Nets hang in the gloom, to catch any and all who fall.
Grief is the balm to soothe the knocks and dents of this life,
Sit with only tears for company until the melancholy is fully sated.

Find pleasure in the arrivals that follow every departure,
Let anchors steady you in the turmoil of existence.
Open your eyes, ears and heart to cosmic truths when they find you.
Wake up with questions and do not slumber until your answers are discovered.

(c) Caren Gilbert