Sunday, 22 September 2013

Superhero Me

Surging with power, I exist
Untouched by fear or angst
Purposeful in every action
Epic journeys my daily routine
Realisation of all dreams an effortless feat
Healing and creativity, my secret weapons
Every step would lead only to greatness
Rebellion and empowerment my lasting legacy
'Occupy everything' my battle call

My nemeses would be easily obliterated
Each time I wear my hero's cape

(c) Caren Gilbert

Thursday, 19 September 2013

A Hero's Quest

Adventure into all that is unknown

Head into the forest of forbidden whys
Explore with playful curiosity
Retreat into the answers to be found
Observe nature until it speaks clearly
Stillness the only motion on this path

Quieten the drums in body and mind
Unknow all the things previously known
Explore with the wisest of unknowing
Silence the demons with brave heart
Travel until you hear your song

(c) Caren Gilbert

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Secret Lighthouse

Tidal depths call your name, over and over
Hope the only anchor in this storm of overwhelm
Each day brings waves of uncertainty, crashing anew

Shadows lurk in light and dark alike
Emptiness the only bounty of a solitary quest
Confidence ebbs low on hidden shores
Reassurance slips by in the shallows,
Effortlessly avoiding the seeker's cast
Time is needed to reflect in mirror-like stillness

Let silence be the sound which guides,
Intuition a beacon to illuminate the way
Gather your weariness and stride forth
Head always in the direction of your dreams,
Taking only the burdens you can carry
Hold fast when ill winds threaten to sway you
Open heart and mind to the bravest adventure
Unpack your troubles one by one, and stow them away
Sanctuary awaits all who journey
Every welcome arrival, a triumphant retreat

(c) Caren Gilbert

Let All Things Flow

Like fish, we swim in the stream of nature's laws,
Each day a reminder of the need for change.
The path we tread twists and turns to its own rhythm,

Agility of spirit is a skill for survival in this realm.
Lost and found will be neatly balanced in the final analysis,
Let truths spill freely from wounds of heart and mind.

Trust in letting go, in walking away, let release be.
Hope is the thing with feathers, not for clutching, but born to soar.
In the darkest hour, shine a light in the place where you cling, and believe;
Nets hang in the gloom, to catch any and all who fall.
Grief is the balm to soothe the knocks and dents of this life,
Sit with only tears for company until the melancholy is fully sated.

Find pleasure in the arrivals that follow every departure,
Let anchors steady you in the turmoil of existence.
Open your eyes, ears and heart to cosmic truths when they find you.
Wake up with questions and do not slumber until your answers are discovered.

(c) Caren Gilbert

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Sorry Is The Hardest Word

Shadow-like, you hover at the edge of all things
Opportunities slip through your weary grasp, over and over
Repentance sticks in your throat, all things hard to swallow now.
Rehearsals fill your mind, for a performance unlikely to have an opening night
You search in vain for an understudy to take your mark.

I sit alone, front and centre, programme clutched to my heart
Shadow-like, I hover at the edge of all things.

Tomorrow would be better, awaiting some conjunction;
Heart, soul and mind must be in perfect alignment.
Echoes ebb at the shore, each tide eroding you.

Happiness is a game without rules to guide the players
Assembled in confusion, fate hanging on each roll of the dice
Repentance sticks in my throat, all things hard to swallow now.
Depression of all emotion becomes a black mask to fit any size
Emptiness, a chasm spectators fear to tread nearby.
Shadow-like, we hover at the edge of all things
Turbulence spews with each stone hurled into still waters.

Waiting for the heartfelt submission of the script our tears have drafted,
Opportunities slip through my weary grasp, over and over.
Repentance sticks in our throats, all things hard to swallow now.
Dusty curtains silently await this opening act.

Sorry is the hardest word.

(c) Caren Gilbert

Sunday, 15 September 2013


Impossible is the fuel for the grandest notions
Magnificence a worthy benchmark for the wildest dreams
Aspirations of the greatest adventures
Glorious endeavours await accomplishment
Incredible will be the theme for every day
No horizon or wisdom should go unexplored
Attention to beauty in each moment guides us onward
The path we tread will be mystery bound
Inspiration will be found at every turn
Opulence will be surplus to our needs
Normality shall forever elude our grasp

(c) Caren Gilbert

Friday, 13 September 2013

What The Future Holds

With adventurous heart, I set forth
Hopes packed tightly upon my shoulders
Apathy hoots from the wayside,
This is a journey some would rather I did not take

Time to step boldly, as never before
Hopes clutched tightly to my chest
Emptiness lies behind, carefully discarded in my wake

Fortune makes no promises to my fate
Uncertainty the only certainty I can rely upon
There is safety in not knowing, I realise.
Unseen, I prowl the edges, waiting for my moment
Retreat is the destiny which confounds me
Emptiness holds no fear for me now

Hopes raised humbly for all to behold
Oceans brim with graceful dreams
Lives breathless in anticipation
Desperation the only qualification required
Sanctuary calls my name and I and powerless to ignore

(c) Caren Gilbert

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Earth, Wind, Fire, Water

Every stone which tumbles
Across this fragile land
Reverberates for all to hear,
The planet turns daily in its grave
Hopeful that the cycle will end

Wildest of storms are summoned
Intent on being a wake up call
Nobody seems to listen
Deafened by all consuming thought

Forged in the passions of stars,
Intricate connections are born
Rebellion surges in the hearts of the few,
Encouragement that the slumber ends

Whirlpools gather to excite spirits
Apathy is an option long lost now
Thunder claps and sparks draw attention
Each occupant seeks higher ground
Regret is futile after the storm

(c) Caren  Gilbert

The Voice In My Head

Thoughts lash at me with relentless barbs
Haunted by deeds and words past
Echoes of self resound in my mind

Victories hollow under scrutinous gaze,
Occupation is total under this regime.
Intentional amnesia a favourite ploy,
Cast certainty aside and dwell in the void
Endless ripples of doubt ebb at my shore

Inspiration comes and goes on treacherous tide
Noble intent becomes selfish in this charade

Mutiny is what this ship requires
Yet the crew is ever loyal to the insanity

Heroic indifference the only solution
Each and every moment of this mind control
Admiral to take on such formidable foe
Decades in the making

(c) Caren Gilbert

The Wisdom of Trees

The ancients await us
Hidden by verdant leaf
Ever patient, and ever hopeful.

We stride through woodlands
Intent on our destination
Searching always for the truths of life
Disappointment the only prize of that quest
Open hearted meandering beneath leafy boughs
Makes way for a knowingness to surface

Ordinary thought has no place amongst these roots,
Find your way to the tree which calls to you, and just sit

Temporarily suspend all other agenda
Recline against sturdy trunk and be still
Every tree awaits this precious communion,
Expectation hangs from every limb
Suspend disbelief and in that moment, ask for the wisdom of trees

(c) Caren Gilbert

Travel Through My Lenses

Too often I abstain from sharing who I am
Reluctant to lay bare my bones
An apparition is all you will see, when you try to see the real me
Visit my mind, my soul or my heart
Expand your view until you tug at the seams
Let my horizons broaden the lay of your land

Take my hand and stroll through leafy dell
Hold my heart in yours for a short while
Recalculate all that you thought you knew
Open your mind and let me walk through it
Unite in my purpose until it makes sense
Go deeper into my words, as far as you're able
Hear my soul's song crash over you

Meet me in the moonlight and set your star stuff free,
You are clearer to me now

Lose yourself and let me find you
Expectation spurs me on in this quest
Nothing is impossible when seen through my eyes,
Savour the vision of what might be
Escape the chains that weigh you down
Sanctuary is a heartbeat away

(c) Caren Gilbert

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Child of Nature

Curiosity draws me outside,
Hurrying becomes a forgotten habit
In the investigation of forest paths.
Lightest footstep is all that is needed for
Discoveries in the wild

Outdoor explorations rekindle childhood passions
For staring at clouds and hearing waves crash

Normal life seems dull
Alongside barefoot beach walks...
Time stretches to accommodate whims of diversion.
Universal energy surges through my senses
Reminding me of the power I though lost
Embracing my adventurous nature is the key to all I seek

(c) Caren Gilbert

I Am...

I am a poet
I am an adventurer
I am a storyteller
I am a torrent of ideas
I am a seeker of peace
I am a devil in the detail of all things
I am a navigator of shadowed paths
I am a reflection
I am an elder in waiting
I am a climber of trees
I am a weaver of words
I am an anchor
I am a safe harbour
I am a secret sanctuary
I am a hopeful light
I am a destroyer of imagined barriers
I am a guiding hand

(c) Caren Gilbert


Abstractions of possibility
Do nothing to deter my enthusiasm
Visions of fulfilment tantalise
Every direction calls my spirit
Nothing should disrupt the journey
Twists and turns add to the thrill,
Unicorns might graze around the bend!
Rejoice in the not knowing,
Each step brings us closer to our destiny

(c) Caren Gilbert

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

My Burdens

Many times I wonder,
Years of worry ahead

Baggage clutched so tightly
Unable to set them down for a moment
Ridiculous in their tenacity,
Determined limpets of woe
Each one clings to me, as I to them
Never rid of the habit, but with hope
Seeking the left luggage counter

(c) Caren Gilbert


Horizons which seemed out of reach
Appear closer to me now
Paths illuminated by dreams
Possibilities woven by the wondering.
Impossible holds no fear for me
Now that my creative soul soars,
Expecting great things ahead.
Simplicity is the key, to

(c) Caren Gilbert