Monday, 22 July 2013

Art of Mentoring

Blessings of community,
and the first falls prey to the land.

Why am I here?
Surrender to intention
Belong to the future
Expand to limitations
Open up to knowledge of self
Awaken ancestral wisdom,
from the unknown, unnamed place.

A burst of change to maintain our aliveness.

Learn to talk to trees,
and never forget how.
Meet yourself and learn to be alone.
Wait for things,
until you become present and peaceful.

Always leave a trail.

Hold time in your hand,
be the steward of yourself.

Find fantasy in the land,
and in your imagination.
Ignite passion with curiosity.
Cultivate aliveness to make peace in the world,
and your inner self.

Dragon bark and tree splinters nestle,
in myriad of bird green and water song.
The brave explore barefoot;
I do not.
I am neither barefoot, nor brave
 – yet.

I lay entranced by breeze and babble,
And footsteps of invisible ancestors.

And I ask;
Why am I here?

(c) Caren Gilbert

Monday, 15 July 2013

Poem Hunting - Loch Leven - 15/07/13

Lush sea of green
Swirling, wild, windy
Helicopter perspectives
Lack of wondering leads
to wordless disappointment
Unseen buzzard song
Questing quietly,
come visitors on wings
Ideas sparkle toward the horizon
Fleeting fortunes
Dashing, dancing dansers
Summer clouds, crowds scroll
Fly freely

(c) Caren Gilbert

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Poem Hunting - Falkland - 13/07/13 (solo)

Time loses itself
amongst ancient trees,
the manicured disorder of newly tended grass
where buttercups wait patiently.
Land takes on new form and
the wind discovers new channels
through which to weave its stories,
caressing my ears with whispered promises
of the secrets of life.

The upside down tree, branches sunk far beneath me,
a reminder of the energy out of sight,
forgotten in the rush of every day.

A pause to connect and let sparks ignite,
buzzard-song reminders of a forgotten dance,
echoes of a rhythm stirred in the stopping,
seeds sown in each movement.
Babble and hoot guide the journey;
spiral, circle, arch, twist, entwine, channel, sweep,
explore, torrent...

Seek the depths.

Create community, entangle purpose, reflect,
find beauty,
Step boldly into the unknown,
get lost in its embrace.
Gather, inspire, discover, invite immersion,
roar, return.

Encourage joyful industry, float.
Look inward and outward in equal measure.
Collect, let anger flow.

Disrupt destruction.

(c) Caren Gilbert