Saturday, 25 May 2013

Poem Hunting - Falkland - 25/05/13

We stalk silence
with heavy feet
in wooded dells
where deer feast
between queued trees,
ordered rows sublime.
Silence is splintered
by misplaced feet
and bounding dogs.

A sense of belonging
among the trees,
spirits of nature
calling us deeper.
Weeping eyes watch,
tears bring us home.
Bird and tree-song,
name whispering leaves.
Squirrels furtive, unseen!
Reality evades view
           Hide and Seek.

(c) 2013

Poem Hunting - Lomond Hills - 25/5/13

An unrequited competition,
chasing silent shadows.
Cattle grazing unworriedly,
mystery bird perching,
straining our eyes;
revealing the unseen
beyond our lenses.
Reluctant poem hunter
words trapped inside,
birth is awaited.

Upon rocky crags,
tripping over syllables
stumbling across truth
~stories in silence~
Elusive murmur afar,
tightly curled fiddleheads
whispering to themselves.
Secrets stolen on treacherous breezes,
skittering stones underfoot.
The wanderers return.

(c) 2013

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Poem Hunting - Falkland - 21/05/13

Weary trees, fallen,
sleeping in moss,
worries set free.
A peaceful slumber
of nature's making.
The bee's song
amongst green hues
and euphoric birdsong
calling spirit forth
to dance in silent spaces.