Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Secret Lighthouse

Tidal depths call your name, over and over
Hope the only anchor in this storm of overwhelm
Each day brings waves of uncertainty, crashing anew

Shadows lurk in light and dark alike
Emptiness the only bounty of a solitary quest
Confidence ebbs low on hidden shores
Reassurance slips by in the shallows,
Effortlessly avoiding the seeker's cast
Time is needed to reflect in mirror-like stillness

Let silence be the sound which guides,
Intuition a beacon to illuminate the way
Gather your weariness and stride forth
Head always in the direction of your dreams,
Taking only the burdens you can carry
Hold fast when ill winds threaten to sway you
Open heart and mind to the bravest adventure
Unpack your troubles one by one, and stow them away
Sanctuary awaits all who journey
Every welcome arrival, a triumphant retreat

(c) Caren Gilbert

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